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DSC 0001

this is a gorgeous Blazer & Henkes guitar which was custom built for J.D.Hanke in 2003, model Milwaukee J 54, No. 11. J.D.Hanke co-designed the sound hole and the splitted herringbone inlays. Brazilian Rosewood back & sides.

DSC 0001

a Martin D 45 | 200 year commemorative signature model | signed by C.F. Martin IV. Indian Rosewood back & sides, German Spruce Top, a very nice Folk Guitar, great for fingerpicking.


another Blazer & Henkes guitar, Deja Vu Series, model Phoenix, No. 5, built in 1999. This instrument is a great Flatpicking Guitar with enormous power, pressure and volume, built to the spec's of Martin's 1930's models. Brazilian Rosewood back & sides.

DSC 0001 - Version 2

a Martin OM-42 custom guitar | back & sides Indian Rosewood | German Spruce Top | the custom model has higher graded tone woods and therefor a sweeter sound with more sustain, a very nice little, handy Blues Guitar.

DSC 0002

this is a "one of a kind" SJ 200 Gibson Guitar built in 1994. Finest Brazilian Rosewood back & sides, Adirondeck Top, Turquoise inlays in combination with stripes of Sterling Silver. Tuners & Frets are in Sterling Silver. This instrument is custom made for J.D.Hanke by Master Luthier Ren Ferguson. A Master Built Guitar, excellent playability and sound, excellent sustain and unbelievable power, a collector's item. J.D. played this guitar just a few times in the studio and more often at home, this one was never on tour.

DSC 6977

this guitar is a 11-string Harp Guitar with tree of life inlay, custom built by J.D.'s friend Jim Hewett in Texas/USA. The guitar has finest Mahogany back & sides and selected German Spruce Top. It is a 12-fret guitar with 5 bass strings and 6 standard strings.

The guitar has a huge volume, easy playability and a gorgeous sustain. J.D. mainly plays this guitar in open D tuning.

DSC 6980

J.D. plays John D'Addario strings, sometimes also Elixir strings. Capodaster G7th, Paige and Shubb.


tunings | the tunings are written from low E string (6th) to high E string (1st) |

J.D. plays mainly in open tunings, preferred tunings are open D tuning and open G tuning as well as Dropped D tuning.

standard tuning

E | A | D | G | B | E

dropped D tuning

D | A | D | G | B | E

open D tuning

D | A | D | F# | A | D

open G tuning

D | G | D | G | B | D

open C tuning

C | G | C | G | C | E | C is the root note | G the 5th and E the major 3rd |

DADGAD tuning

D | A | D | G | A | D

E | E | E | E | B | E |Stephen Stills used this tuning for his song 4+20|

open E tuning

E | H | E | G# | H | E

open A tuning

E | A | E | A | C# | E

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