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to the original website of JD Hanke, singer/songwriter, performing artist, producer, touring musician and dream keeper.

Here you will find some information about me and my work, the music, some teaching lessons and videos of “how I play”.

To be updated about what I do  you can check the "message board” page with updated information about touring and concert schedules as well as new CD pre-release/release dates etc. 

Please note that you can buy my CD's via digital download (recommended, it's the fastest and cheapest way) on all major music sites like  iTunes | Amazon | Spotify | Napster | Nokia | 8tracks | saavn | etc.

Kindly search for "J.D. Hanke" or "jdhanke" and you will be guided to my music.

Please check this website more often as we have sometimes a free download of songs or special offers for CD's or T’s, sometimes just for a day or two or a weekend... 

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JD Hanke



                     at the studio…


                                                                                                                at Venice Beach L.A. | CA                                                                             


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